BREAKING NEWS: Eagles Tear Apart House to Save Cats and Dogs!

By Scott Boylston

As a part of the Design Build Competition and Auction for Dog Houses and Cat Structures (our joint fund raising effort with Savannah’s Humane Society),Troop 16 of the Coastal Empire Council of Boyscouts visited 223 E. Jones Street to help reclaim some of the cedar shiplap siding we’re using for several projects around town. Chris Benson did a terrific job leading his Eagle Scout team through a rigorous 4-hour work session.


The Eagle Scouts moved some of the already prepared materials that have been identified for the Shuman Elementary School project into the courtyard so the materials can be hauled, cut to size and delivered to Shuman. And they also removed and denailed shiplap from the second story. Some of these material were donated to early bird registrants for the Dog House and Cat Structure competition only a day after the Boy Scouts’ harvest.

As a part of the incentive to register early for the competition, Emergent Structures offered 4 square feet of free reclaimed materials. And about a dozen people came to the Jones Street house on Sunday to take advantage of the offer. Some of these folks are pictured below.

Many thanks to Eagle Scouts Chris Benson, Alston Grapengeter, Andrew Horton, Ethan Haupt, Hayden Haupt, Seve Iocovozzi, Daniel Sheehan, William Vaughan, and to Jerry and Allison Benson for a great day of material reclamation!

A special thanks must go to Charisse Bennett, intrepid Emergent Structures supporter, and the person responsible for the Dog House and Cat Structure fundraising event (below right), and thanks to Kelly Nelson, Community Coordinator for Savannah Humane Society (below left).

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