The Harvest that Keeps on Giving

By Scott Boylston

In a post from last August on Mercy Housing’s mixed-income redevelopment of Savannah Gardens, we showed you the flooring that was re-purposed from roof sheathing reclaimed from the old buildings on site, and denailed through the efforts of Emergent Structures. Brian Quigley, GC for NorSouth (the lead contractor for this EarthCraft redevelopment project) gave us an updated tour of the nearly complete Phase One.

Along with getting another peak at the two ‘new’ floors—now in full action with the development’s new tenants (the wood floor in the above photo, and the brick floor mentioned in an earlier post)—we got our first look at shelving and cabinets made by Dwayne Larson, owner of Larson Construction. Dwayne, who did all of the work on the above flooring, used more of the reclaimed materials that were reclaimed way back in 2010.

There’s a richness about all of these reclaimed elements that anchors the entire interior of the newly constructed buildings in an undeniable fashion; something that speaks not only of a history, but of a solidity, a security and a warmth.

After showing us these newly installed features, Brian took us over to Phase Two (a senior living building) still under construction, to show us where the next round of reclaimed materials would be installed. The images below are of another communal space, and the main foyer, both of which will be floored with reclaimed roof sheathing. The sheathing for these floors will come from buildings that are being abated as I write this. There are even more features envisioned for Phase Two that are still their early stages, and we’ll report on those at a later date.

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