W.M.Penguins (Vol. 3): A New rePurpose

Where do penguins come from? The southern hemisphere, mostly. But these guys? Well, they were found in dumpsters, alleyways, curbsides and attics. They were found on the street. Saved from landfills. Now just a bunch of goofballs waddling around the streets and squares of Savannah.

So when the penguins heard about a company on the east side of town called Southern Pine Co.—and their enormous warehouse stacked with beautiful, old pine rescued from 30+ years of renovation and preservation projects around Savannah—the quirky gang scarfed down a few fish sandwiches from Parkers and grabbed a pedicab to East 35th Street.

More on this later…but for now, it looks like their friend Big Al has spotted some interesting activity outside.

Behind the warehouse, Emergent Structures volunteers are working on the Southern Pine Co. property to sand, scrape, and refinish old windows.  The goal: to build a greenhouse for local special needs high school students using rescued and repurposed windows that were destined for the dumpster.

The Penguins are curious.  They feel strangely connected to the old windows, and very happy to see these humans reusing their leftovers instead of calling it waste.  Especially when those resources can be used to build something new and educational for the local community and its youth.

Just like the thousands of square feet of heart pine and other materials inside the warehouse, these windows have been reclaimed from old renovation and preservation projects.  Today, volunteers are breathing new life into old windows.  Windows that will teach local students architecture design, engineering, chemistry, and biology, while literally building a small symbol of new life, new growth, new hope, to the east side community of Savannah.

Plus, these folks look like they’re having a good time meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and rolling up their sleeves to scrape some old windows…

…and play with power tools.

Finally, the windows are ready for their first coat of primer paint.  The penguins were astonished to see how some sanding and a little fresh paint can make old things new again–things that are useful, educational and fun to everyone involved.


Stay tuned every Wednesday afternoon to read another story of…

And to learn more about the birth of the penguins, and the penguin birther himself, meet Derek.

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