The Material Shuffle

A lot of site clearing has been going on over the last few months—small armies of intrepid volunteers preparing the E.34th Street site for the Design for Ability greenhouse. This past Saturday we got some machinery in there to clear some of the heavier items.

Slabs of marble and granite; large metal dumpsters; and even bath tubs, but the majority of time was spent moving BIG piles of LARGE timber. Southern Pine Company has always reclaimed and re-purposed wood from condemned and dilapidated houses in the Southeast, and they have such a wealth of materials, that we’ve played a game of material-shuffle in order to get non-greenhouse wood out of the way, and greenhouse wood into the right place. We were so busy, we didn’t get many pictures of the work, but we want to thank the Southern Pine employees for pitching in, and well as our volunteers!

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