Into the Clearing

Irony’s not far around the corner when one of the last obstacles in the way of creating a structure from reclaimed lumber is another pile of reclaimed lumber, but Southern Pine Co. is so serious about their sustainability efforts to reclaim building materials, that their property is piled high with the stuff.

Since identifying 607 E. 34th Street as the perfect place to build the Design for Ability greenhouse (being situated in a food dessert and close to one of the high schools whose vocational training program it will serve, and with the property donated to the effort by former Emergent Structures board member Ramsey Khalidi of Southern Pine), Emergent has been excited about the clearing of the site.

And over the weekend, Southern Pine’s awesome crew of supermen (Tim, Bryant, Tim and Kojak)—with the superb coordination from the office by April—cleared a mountain of reclaimed lumber from the greenhouse site. And we do mean a mountain! The material had been reclaimed over the years by Southern Pine, and some of it will be used in the greenhouse. We’ll be happy to track the rebirth of the rest of the material in the coming years on our blog. It will likely go into the fantastic products that Southern Pine Co. is so well known for: floor, tables, chairs, etc.

The clearing of the site will be followed by leveling the land this coming week and digging a perimeter trench in preparation for a visit from the fine folks at Whole Foods, and their generous contractors, Young Contracting. In the next 10 days Whole Foods and Young Contractors will lay our foundation! Stay tuned—we’ll tell you more about Whole Foods’ collaborative partnership with Emergent Structures and Design for Ability soon enough!

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