Thanks for the Visit, American Planning Association!

Emergent Structures was proud to lead a tour of the E. 34 Greenhouse and Southern Pine to attendees of the annual conference of the American Planning Association. Emergent president Scott Boylston gave a presentation on Emergent’s 3-teir consulting model for using reclaimed materials for community wealth earlier in the day.

That same afternoon, the APA attendees learned first hand about the collaborative construction of the greenhouse, and Design for Ability’s president Meagan Hodge shared her organization’s vision for the educational programming that will be taking place in the structure later this year.

Meagan also shared some of the great craft work that her students have been doing with Ben Mattern’s Oxform Design as lead mentor. Next step was a tour given by Ramsey Khalidi of the fabulous Star Laundry, home of Southern Pine Company and a rapidly growing army of entrepreneurial start-ups.

Great thanks goes to Denise Grabowski, founder and principal of the urban design firm Symbiocity for designing and planning the entire 2-day Savannah tour for the APA conference! Her vision for this exciting 2-day tour is matched only by her vision for a future Savannah as a vibrant hub for green jobs for all.

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