Larger than Our Direct Impacts

A bad solution acts within the larger pattern the way a disease or addiction acts within the body. A good solution acts within the larger pattern the way a healthy organ acts within the body.

—Wendell Berry

Emergent Structures continues to work with a vigilant eye toward what Wendell Berry has called solving for pattern, or seeking to devise interventions that ripple positively through the system in which they’re enacted. There is not a single project we have initiated or facilitated that did not consciously include an exploration of what negative or other positive consequences of our actions might result.

As one example, our construction work—from E.34 to the West Broad shade house, and from the Greenbriar garden shed to the Thrive planters—has focused not only on food production, but on programs that provide food independence,  food justice, and community resilience as a means of empowering historically disadvantaged communities. Our motto, ‘This is not a board, this is a springboard for sustainable change,” emerged out of our earliest efforts, and we continue to seek those opportunities that create cascading impacts.

AND SO, we are happy to continue that work. Over the last several months we have been laying the groundwork for our next project. It is both very similar to the work we’ve been doing, and very different. We’re still solving for pattern, and we’re still addressing food production issues in the city of Savannah through the innovative application of materials being landfilled by the construction industry, but this project has wheels!

With the support of our latest Gulfstream grant, Emergent Structures has embarked on a new collaborative project for 2015 that (like our 2014 Greenbriar garden shed project) brings together young minds from SCAD and Savannah Tech to address discovered needs in Savannah. The interaction so far has been extraordinary, and in the coming weeks, we’ll share some of the impressive contextual research that has been done so far.
Stay tuned…

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