Setting the Table for Success

Jobs needed one.
Gates needed one.
Even Alexander Graham Bell needed one.

Without a table to work on, there’s not an entrepreneur in history who could’ve gotten their idea off the ground (bad pun intended). So, when Emergent Structures and The Creative Coast started talking about ways we could collaborate to support Savannah’s entrepreneurial community, making tables for new business start-ups at the Creators’s Foundry seemed like an idea with legs. And Emergent has just the materials for the job!

Now, we call on you to join us in supporting our local start up community. For the next 6 weeks, The Creative Coast and Emergent Structures are providing local business advocates the chance to sponsor the creation of a table made from reclaimed materials to support a business that’s setting up shop in The Creator’s Foundry.

When you participate—whether you’re an individual or a businesses—you will not only be a part of a team that includes IKEA, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co., and an intrepid SCAD Industrial Design class, but you’ll get your name etched into a plaque commemorating your generous support!

The Savannah Rails tables–only a dozen of these beauties will be made for this project!–have been designed to pay homage to Savannah’s history as a central hub for the American rail system (a powerful economic engine for the country in its own right), and will be made from 95 percent waste material. Emergent Structures is providing SCAD students with a combination of rebar reclaimed from the construction sites of Rives E. Worrel Co., and factory leftovers from IKEA and DIRTT, then giving them creative license within the Savannah Rails theme.

Each table sponsorship is $600 and will result in the ongoing use of the table within the Creators Foundry by its entrepreneurial tenants. For that support, you’ll have your name or company name on a plaque, and invited to the table unveiling event and awards ceremony on May 22nd at the Creator’s Foundry.

Help make a young entrepreneur’s dream come true today by contacting Scott Boylston at and sponsoring a table!

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