Crafting the Farm Cart Baton Before Passing it


The incredibly impressive contextual research that was done for Emergent Structures by four SCAD contextual research students (Todd Hinkle , Esther Kim, Amar Chadgar, and Maria De La Vega) in the graduate Design Management program has been passed on to a Savannah Tech class that’s since been hard at work integrating the insights produced by them, and creating sensitively imagined solutions for the end users of the project, namely, farmers at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market in Savannah.

In fact, the contextual research showed that the original idea of creating a trailer for a farmer, while generally a very good idea,  does not address the fundamental needs of farmers hauling their produce to a weekly market as well as a few other potential solutions. Instead, through a rigorous immersion into the lives of the users, the team came up with 8 key insights, sketched out some ideas that resulted from those insights, then passed the whole ball of waste material wonderment to the Savannah Tech team. The Insights were phrased as such:
—All for One, and One for All
—Ah, My Back!
—When Life Gives you Lemons
—Rain or Shine
—Picture Perfect
—The Imitation Game
—Food for Thought

It’s not the intention of this blog to share all of the details of these insights and their potential implications, as much as to share with you a bird’s eye view of what has been a deep and insightful process, one that could never have been accomplished without the work of Todd, Esther, Amar, and Maria, and their professor, Sara Johnson, who is also on the board of Emergent Structures. Below are pages form the final documentation prepared by this team.

Coming up is the next steps that the Savannah Tech team has taken! And, thanks again to Gulfstream Aerospace for providing the funding for this project!

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