Farm Cart Design Keeps Rolling


By Brittney Boudwin

After a couple of incredibly thorough and informative presentations from the SCAD graduate contextual research students for Emergent’s latest community project, it was time for students in the Technical Drawing class at Savannah Tech to show off their rendering and design skills. Four groups presented designs for transporting produce and supplies from the farm to the farmers’ market, and from the parking lot of the market to the individual farmers’ vendor spots. The ultimate goal is to identify the absolute best solution, and build it with reclaimed materials to be ready for use in the fall of 2015.

Building upon the insights gleaned from the SCAD research team, and even going on a couple of visits to the farmers’ market and nearby farms for their own experience in observational ethnographic research, the Sav Tech students explored ways in which their designs could save farmers time and effort and make the transporting and set­up process at the market less stressful. Professors David Thomas and Bryan Mossing (also an Emergent Structures board member) have led the way.

Each concept showed great potential, and the possibility of combining elements from two or more concepts to make an ultimate design was discussed at length. The goal is to provide the farmer with a design that meets all of their needs and possibly exceeds their expectations.

At the Sav Tech student’s final design concepts presentation for the semester the SCAD research students as well as Emergent Structures board members and special guest Adam Mentzer of Adam’s Farm took the time to provide lots of valuable feedback for each concept presented. We are grateful for the ongoing education that Adam is providing our entire team about the daily challenges that farmers face.

Special attention was paid to ease of use, value to the farmer and the farmers’ market and material reuse opportunities for constructing the final design.Several suggestions were tossed around from the audience about what sort of reclaimed materials could be used for different parts of the designs and from where they might be sourced.

Earlier in the schematic development, Sav Tech students also took an opportunity to share their concepts with the community at Earth Day Festival in Forsyth Park. Since this project will serve shoppers of the market as well as the farmers, it was essential that the local community have an opportunity to weigh in on the designs.

The four final concepts were put on display at the Emergent Structures tent and Sav. Tech students as well as their professors invited festival goers to share their opinions, ideas and suggestions for the farm cart concepts. Feedback received was overwhelmingly supportive, offering helpful tips and ideas for everything from assembly details to materiality and final aesthetics.

Work continues to develop as this blog is written. Thank you again,Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation for the project funding!

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Brittney Boudwin is a recent alumna of SCAD’s Design for Sustainabilityprogram, and the program manager for the Farm Cart project.

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