Buckminster Fuller Catalyst!


Emergent Structures is thrilled to be invited to participate in the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Catalyst Program! From a pool of several hundred submissions from 136 countries around the world, Emergent Structures was selected among the top 10% of applications. In the words of the BFI team, Emergent’s work “stood out as making an important contribution to the growing field of whole systems design,” and for that we are very, very proud!

We’ve had a long love affair with Bucky Fuller, being especially inspired by his emphasis on acting in this world as a trimtab, or a small and carefully placed rudder that enables a much larger rudder to turn more easily, thus making large ships easy to turn with less force. Bucky used this analogy to frame a way of thinking for designers and change-makers to mindfully position one’s actions so that they set off larger reactions that can change the direction of any vessel no matter how big—even if that vessel is a society’s worldview. Bucky was so committed to seeking these high leverage points in a system that he had “Call me Trimtab” carved onto his grave stone.

Emergent, too, is focused on locating those smaller actions that can set off larger changes. In fact, our entire endeavor has been dedicated to developing a building material re-use culture within and between the professions that are connected with the construction and demolition industry. We believe that reinvigorating a re-use culture throughout all of society can occur with the right creative approach, and all of our work reflects the pursuit of leverage points that can more rapidly allow such a movement to emerge.

Catalyst program, here we come! And thank you to the Buckminster Fuller Institute for bestowing this honor on us!

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