Snow Day Building


By Brittney Boudwin

Is this really what’s happening outside?” I asked out loud to no one last Saturday morning after spotting a snowflake icon for the current weather condition on my phone. “Our first build day of the year is a snow day?!” I questioned as I put on a second pair of socks. Again, out loud and to no one. It was just that surprising. The snowflakes added an extra layer of excitement (and clothing) to the build day we’d been looking forward to since having gone on a holiday hiatus.

Thanks to the helpful hands of board members, interns and volunteers, Farm Cart has jumped off paper and into 3D form in just a couple of build sessions. Our momentum was given a big push once we finally had one of our key reclaimed materials on hand.

You might recall that in November we were waiting on insulated panels to come out of a demolition project whose schedule had been delayed. Delays are not uncommon in construction but that certainly doesn’t mean they are predictable. They’re kind of like the weather in that way. When flurries suddenly appear in coastal Georgia, you dig in the back of the closet for a pair of gloves and add on another layer of clothing. When your insulated panels are late, you take time to review and refine your drawings. Some of us really took advantage of the downtime and toured Vietnam via motorcycle, but I’m not jealous, Bryan.


Emergent Structures board members Mark Fitzpatrick and Bryan Mossing were our sole hands on deck last Saturday. The snow—obviously and rightfully so—scared everyone else away. Mark and Bryan were fascinating to watch work together as the cart’s framing took shape. They’re great collaborators. Bryan would question how best to do something and without asking, Mark would help problem solve. Then, Mark would have an idea and Bryan would test it out before Mark could even ask. Back and forth it went like this all morning. First to a blues soundtrack, then to a reggae one. “Doesn’t it feel warmer in here when we listen to Bob (Marley)?”, Bryan joked.

Our workspace for Farm Cart is inside of a greenhouse belonging to Victory Gardens. A big thank you is owed to owners Kerry Shay and Reid Archer who have graciously allowed us to share space next to their seedlings. Though there was no heat in the greenhouse (from the sun or otherwise), those four walls and roof were especially appreciated last Saturday.

We have a pretty aggressive build schedule over the next several weeks and will be back to share our progress. In the meantime, if snow strikes the Savannah area again, I would really appreciate if everyone could encourage it to not melt before it hits the ground.

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