Clearing Space for a Mural at E.34!


Emergent Structures is proud to announce that we’re leading the collaborative creation of a mural adjacent to the E. 34 greenhouse! The low-lying cinder-block building that the mural will be painted on is on the same property as the greenhouse itself. We’ve partnered with The Dream Campaign to locate three neighborhood artists—Caylin, Cameron, and Jeffrey—who you’ll get to know in the coming months. And, with artistic guidance form Lydia Batchelder and Justin Montan, two recent SCAD Industrial Design alumni, we’re certain the mural will be a true and beautiful reflection of the community!

The mural will explore the themes of vibrant and diverse community interaction, inter-generational learning, the wonders of nature’s abundance, and ways in which communities can nurture a shared vision for a common future. Motifs and design elements will reflect some of the work created by the African American muralist John T. Biggers, highlighting a mix of abstract and objective elements.

The proposal for the mural has to first be accepted by the Site and Monuments Commission, and we are working on that now. We’ll tell you more about the mural as the project continues forward. In the meantime, here’s Lydia’s brief description of the process so far:

1) Clouds hold back rain just long enough to let the creative storm flow, as Justin and I sit with with Jeffery, Cameron, and Caylin outside Glenn and Morgan Paddock’s house, home of the Dream Campaign.  The mural wall is less than one block away from us. The three young adults, who’ve lived in Dixon Park all their lives, sketch ideas with markers and pens.

Themes emerge:
Keep Your Head Up!

2) Stacks of wood, palettes upon pallets of bricks, and other pieces of reclaimed materials cover the surrounding area, blocking the wall from view. Much of this has been moved, thanks to the help of sturdy high school volunteers from San Antonio, Texas with the After Sunday Project. Their energy was much needed and well received by our tiny team.






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