One Board, One Brick, and One Brushstroke at a Time


Transformation is always possible.

It takes a vision. It takes a plan. It takes a community. It takes a commitment to moving one brick at a time; a commitment to painting one brush stroke at a time. The E.34 Greenhouse, which has been a labor of love since 2013, is complete, and along with completing the structure, Emergent Structures has invited the community to further transform the surrounding space by leading a mural painting project on small cinder block building on the same site.

The mural project, led by SCAD ID alumni Lydia Batchelder and Justin Montan, has involved the participation of three local student artists Jeffrey Stevens, and Calin and Cameron White through a collaboration with the Dream Campaign, a non-profit organization only one block away from the greenhouse site on East 34th Street and Reynolds Street.


A pre-Thanksgiving mural painting event brought over 30 people out to help paint, as well as complete the last windows on the greenhouse. The final work on the wall was completed just before Christmas, and covered thoughtfully by Christopher Monroe in his Sav Art Scene column in the Savannah Morning News, titled “Savannah’s Miracle on 34th Street,”as well as on WSAV’s The Bridge.

The mural project was made possible by funding from Gulfstream Aerospace, and lunch for all was provided by DIRTT Environmental Solutions. And none of the work—on the greenhouse or the mural–could have been done without the generous support of property owner Ramsey Khalidi of Southern Pine Company of Georgia!


NEXT STEPS: The site coordination team, led by Meagan Hodge and her non-profit organization Design for Ability, is looking for a few committed organization to co-use the greenhouse site for innovative food justice and food security efforts. This collaboration is already coming together, so if you’re interested, please reach out to Meagan:

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