• A Foundation for Greenbriar

    The construction of Emergent Structures’s Greenbriar garden shed is moving fast! Yesterday, our interns Ethan and Sabrina worked with intrepid Emergent VP Mark Fitzpatrick in laying its foundation. A big thanks goes to JT Turner Construction for donating the fill from their Savannah Law School construction site.

  • Permits in Hand for Growing Edge!

    Thanks to our friends at Greenline Architecture, the permitting for Emergent Structures’ shade house at the West Broad Street YMCA has been approved! Eric O’Neill, architectural intern at Greenline has led the way in all of the design, architectural rendering, and permitting process under the tutelage of Emergent Structures’ project manager and past Vice President (and Greenline’s […]

  • Greenbriar Gardenshed Hits the Road

    The garden shed that Emergent Structures is building for the Greenbriar Children’s Center has hit the road! As mentioned in an earlier post, the garden shed is being built from reclaimed materials from the home of our Materialanthropists Debra and Chuck Caldwell and from the set of the second Sponge Bob Square pants movie. That’s […]

  • Thanks for the Visit, American Planning Association!

    Emergent Structures was proud to lead a tour of the E. 34 Greenhouse and Southern Pine to attendees of the annual conference of the American Planning Association. Emergent president Scott Boylston gave a presentation on Emergent’s 3-teir consulting model for using reclaimed materials for community wealth earlier in the day.

  • Coverage on Public Interest Design

    Thank you Public Interest Design for your coverage of Emergent Structures. We’re honored to be included!

  • Master Craftsmen John McRitchie

    Emergent Structures was proud to host Scottish master craftsmen John McRitchie at our Earth Day booth this past Saturday! Mr. McRitchie was in town all week as a special guest of Savannah Technical College, and great thanks to Emergent Structures board member, and Director of Savannah Tech’s preservation technology program Steve Hartley, we were able […]

  • NuUse for Reclaimed Materials

    By Scott Boylston Emergent Structures is proud to contribute to SCAD’s amazing urban design intervention known as SCADpad by providing reclaimed materials for one of the project’s features. SCADpad is a truly revolutionary concept that addresses global trends like urban densification, the need for affordable housing in cities, changes in mobility away from automobiles, and […]

  • A Garden Shed for the Greenbriar Children’s Center

    By Scott Boylston Emergent Structures is proud to announce yet another great community construction project that we’re leading! Over the last 6-8 months the Greenbriar Children’s Home (thanks to the contributions of the Metropolitan Savannah Rotary) has installed a wonderful raised-bed community garden on the grounds of their campus. Emergent Structures is building a garden […]

  • Another Day in the Life of E.34

    Thank you Savannah Technical College students for your contributions to the E.34 Greenhouse!

  • Exclaim Your Reclaim: Spruce by Molly Davis

    As a means of promoting the value of innovative building material re-use, Emergent Structures created the Exclaim Your Reclaim campaign, which highlights creative re-use projects from ‘regular folks.’ We invite YOU to tell YOUR story! In this post, we’re proud to feature Molly Davis, and the reclaimed material product she created for he Senior Project […]

  • lámhdhéanta Teach Gloine go Bragh!

    It’s two days before Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, and the streets of Savannah are crawling with green-clad drunkards. The hearty crew on the site of the E. 34 Greenhouse, however, held out until 4pm until the Guinness poured, so they could continue on the great, good work of building the greenhouse with our own […]

  • North Wall Rising

    By Scott Boylston Wall two of the E.34 Greenhouse is officially up thanks in great part to our friends at JT Turner! We’ve had a great partnership with JT Turner for years, and are especially proud to have their Preservation Director, magic-man Mark Fitzpatrick on our board–a founding board member at that! Mark has been […]

  • Growing Momentum Behind Growing Edge

    By Eric O’Neill When I was asked by Emergent Structures’ VP Keith Howington to design a garden shadehouse for their organization at the West Broad Street Y, primarily composed of reclaimed windows, two thoughts immediately went through my mind, “YES!” and “What have I just gotten myself into?”

  • Helping Make A Stand

    By Ty Donaldson On the last Saturday of January, Maven Makers put on a workshop to create magazine stands for WellFed Magazine. There were close to thirty attendees at the “Make A Stand” event that made custom creations that will soon to be placed in local Savannah stores. Thanks to Emergent Structures, the workshop was a […]

  • Growing Edge Shadehouse Gets its Windows

    By Scott Boylston Every gardenhouse needs windows, so when Emergent Structures partnered with the West Broad Street Y and many other organizations on the $110,000 Growing Edge Community Collaboration for Green Groceries grant from Gulfstream, one of the first things Emergent did was go look for windows. And, boy, did Emergent VP Keith Howington knew […]

  • Let the Sun Shine In

    By Scott Boylston The E.34 Greenhouse is growing walls! Over the last few days Sam Carroll Construction and RNR Home Improvements have donated their time, skills and general wisdom to the construction of the south wall of the greenhouse, and it looks beautiful! You might be thinking that some of the wall still needs glass, but […]

  • Exclaim Your Reclaim: One Man’s Trash is Now My Greenhouse

    As a means of promoting the value of innovative building material re-use, Emergent Structures created the Exclaim Your Reclaim campaign, which highlights creative re-use projects from ‘regular folks.’ We invite YOU to tell YOUR story! This example is close to our hearts: Not only is it by a partner in the Live Well, Be Well […]

  • Live Well, Be Well, AND Build Well!

    Emergent Structures is extremely proud to be a partner in the Growing Edge Community Collaboration for Green Groceries, a 15-agency partnership dedicated to establishing a healthy food resource center on the west side of Savannah. This amazing partnership has come together through a $110,000.00 Live Well, Be Well grant from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. What an […]

  • MAKE A STAND Design and Build Competition!

    Building on the success of their maker event to build furniture for Savannah Bicycle Campaign (above), Maven Makers are teaming up with the same crew to host a Magazine Rack design and build competition! Ever creative WellFed Magazine will be giving the racks away to local businesses. The event will be held at Southern Pine Company (Go Go SopiCo!) on […]

  • Another Good Year Coming Down the Tracks

  • A Very Maker Christmas with Maven Makers and Savannah Bike Campaign

    By John Bennett & Ty Donaldson Sometimes the right tool for the job is a workbench or table that provides a space on which to use other tools. Maybe you’ve thought about building your own. If so, “A Very Makers Christmas,” sponsored by Maven Makers in cooperation with the Savannah Bicycle Campaign is an opportunity […]

  • The Beautiful Buzz at West Broad Street YMCA School

    By Ted Dennard // photos by Kate Mathews The sun is rising yellow in the East as I open a sleepy beehive. It is against the rules to mess with a hive before they start working because they can get a little cranky when all 50,000 bees are packed in those white boxes. I lift […]

  • Hath Not Some Strangeness

    “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” —Francis Bacon Today, on the site of the E.34 Greenhouse, we found a refrigerator. It’s not certain where it came from; it’s only certain that it will disappear as magically as it appeared.

  • Sharing the Love with our Donors

    This is to all of those magnificent people who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign that Emergent Structures ran with Design for Ability for the E. 34 Greenhouse: You have waited long enough for your gifts! Some of you have already received them, and others will be greeted by them in the next day or two. […]

  • Busy Bees

    In the next week, the Bee Cause Project will install one of their observational bee hives at Savannah’s West Broad St. YMCA, and Emergent Structures, in conjunction with Gulfstream Aerospace, is proud to have supplied the reclaimed wood for the project. The observational bee hive will teach children at the Broad Street Y the value […]