• An Emergent Experience

    By Dee Seaver Each summer, the typical higher education student must decide what they will do to occupy their summer. Sometimes it’s go home, maybe take a trip abroad, or find an internship to bolster resume content. As a first year grad student still trying to find my way, I wanted to find something to […]

  • Full Circle of Great Goodness

    Meagan Hodge received her masters in Design for Sustainability from SCAD in 2011. Throughout the course of her studies, Meagan opened her heart to the Savannah community, and volunteered for many, many organizations. And, lucky for us, she’s shared a special affinity for Emergent Structures. In fact, Meagan participated in so many Emergent volunteer events […]

  • Local Waste Streams can IN DEED Create Local Wealth Streams!

    Front page headlines for reclaimed materials providing the necessary resources for education and economic growth in Savannah! A hearty congratulations to Meagan Hodge and Willie Mobley of Design for Ability! Job coach for Savannah Chatham County Public Schools, Willie Mobley, and SCAD Design for Sustainability alumna and Emergent Structures project manager, Meagan Hodge have been […]

  • Reclaimed Bee Cause!

    By Scott Boylston This past August, we wrote a post about our collaboration with The Bee Cause, a non-profit organization committed to teaching young people the irreplaceable role of pollinating bees in sustaining the health of our ecosystems by installing 1,000 observational bee hives in public schools. The Bee Cause’s efforts are making a huge […]

  • The Green Guitar Project: Picking Reclaimed

    By Nick Stratton For my Industrial Design senior project at SCAD, I wanted to build a guitar. However, the project needed more depth; after all good design has to solve a problem. I needed to find a problem to solve, a way to solve it, and a market for my product. Having recently taken a […]

  • Time to Jam Out with Design for Ability!

    This coming Sunday, October 6th, join us in supporting Design for Ability, the newest sustainably-oriented, non-profit organization in town! Design for Ability has been hard at work providing apprentice programming for special populations youth in Savannah for over a year already, often collaborating with SCCPSS high school career coach Willie Mobley.

  • Like the Bat Signal: You Call, We Answer

    Back in 2009, when Emergent Structures first started and before we became a 501c3 non-profit organization, we called our effort the Emergent Structures Project–ESP for short. A few months after we started, the below tag showed up on E. 34th Street, along the back property line of Southern Pine Company.

  • Going Vertical

    The framing of the E.34 greenhouse is going up!

  • snug fitting plastic pants

    all in the course of a morning…

  • A Table Worth Gambling For!

    It’s not that often you get a chance to win a handcrafted table that’s made from reclaimed materials, built by high school apprentices, and an exact replica of a table that was built for the local Whole Foods Market…now’s your chance! The Savannah-based design/build furniture studio Oxform has been working with the student apprentices from […]

  • Wood Gets Around

    We like to flaunt the fact that our wood gets around. And, with the help of some incredibly creative people at DesotoRow, the materials that Emergent Structures has harvested from the Jones Street house with the blessing of our Materialanthropists, have just found their way into another exciting life. Clinton Edminster of DesotoRow has written […]

  • The Island of Misfit Cinderblocks!

    By Scott Boylston The Island of Misfit Cinderblocks has arisen on E. 34th Street in Savannah! Old, unwanted CMU from demolished buildings all around town convened on E. 34th Street to create a colorful foundation for the Design for Ability greenhouse. Many thanks to Southern Pine Company for having the wherewithal to save many of […]

  • Green Leader of the Year Award for 2013!

    WOW! Emergent Structures received the Green Leader of the Year Award in the category of ‘organization’ from the U.S. Green Building Council-Savannah! Emergent is humbled by this recognition, proud of our ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of partners, and determined to continue on with our mission of being a catalyst for sustainable […]

  • Guerry Lumber Joins the Greenhouse Team!

    We are proud to announce that Guerry Lumber is an official partner of E.34, the Design for Ability greenhouse. The greenhouse will be made primarily from reclaimed materials, but for some structural needs (and for longevity in the hot and humid low country) new lumber is required, and Guerry Lumber has come to the rescue […]

  • Pawning Penguins

    Penguins in Savannah have been sighted once again! And we had so much fun challenging our readers to come up with a good tag line or speech/thought bubble this past May, that we thought we would do it again.

  • Bee Cause of the Wonderful Things They Do!

    The Bee Cause is a non-profit endeavor to place 1,000 observational honeybee hives into schools across the nation as a means of educating children on the benefits of honey bees. Ted Dennard of the Savannah Bee Company founded the organization, and Emergent Structures is extremely pleased to be helping the cause by supplying reclaimed wood […]

  • Whole Foundation!

    With the grand opening of Savannah’s Whole Foods Market in one week, Emergent Structures is extremely proud and fortunate, to have hosted Whole Foods Market and Young Contracting at E.34, the Design for Ability greenhouse site. After several weeks of planning, Whole Foods and Young Contracting brought a crew from the Savannah Whole Foods building site […]

  • More Seeds to Plant

    By Dee Seaver Gifts are coming together for our generous kickstarter funders! We’re developing each gift to reflect the mission and the purpose of the greenhouse, Emergent Structures, and Design for Ability. The packets of harvest seed that some of our donors will receive is a great example of that goal.

  • Into the Clearing

    Irony’s not far around the corner when one of the last obstacles in the way of creating a structure from reclaimed lumber is another pile of reclaimed lumber, but Southern Pine Co. is so serious about their sustainability efforts to reclaim building materials, that their property is piled high with the stuff.

  • Reclaiming Savannah Gardens through Public Art (3)

    Last week, we caught you up on the background of the Savannah Gardens public art project, and from this point forward we’ll keep providing updates until the official unveiling this fall. In the above photograph, Jerome Meadows hold a check from Emergent Structures for $1,800. We’ve been so committed to this project, that we are […]

  • Block by Block

    Thank you Catherine Keen Design for your generous donation of CMU to our educational greenhouse project: You are truly helping us build our foundation! (And that’s not the only tub on the greenhouse site, by the way).

  • The Lap Lap is Back

    By Scott Boylston Last summer, we shared stories of ingenious re-use that took place at Shuman Elementary School as the result of our construction of an educational garden. We were particularly happy to share the ways in which we cut the lap from the red cedar shiplap (we call it The Lap Lap), and transformed it […]

  • Reclaiming Savannah Gardens through Public Art (part two)

    By Garrison Marr One of the unique aspects of the Savannah Gardens Public Art Project is that the concept from the outset has been that the piece should be consistent with the design ethos in the neighborhood: that it was environmentally responsible, aesthetically and socially engaging, and designed with community input. That same approach helped […]

  • Reclaiming Savannah Gardens through Public Art (part one)

    By Scott Boylston At the very beginning of the Emergent Structures project in 2009, we shared a list of ideas about how to re-use the bulding materials we planned on reclaiming from the old housing units in Strathmore Estates: greenhouses, furniture, jewelry, park benches, tool sheds, on-site public art, and a whole lot more. The first […]

  • waiting for godot, and boerewors on a roll

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