• The Jones Street Waltz: What a Long and Sweet Dance it has Been!

    By Scott Boylston Almost exactly two years ago, Debra and Chuck Caldwell invited us into their recently purchased 1866 home on East Jones Street in Savannah; a majestic, yet previously neglected corner-lot house on Savannah’s most beloved street. At that time Emergent Structures was a still-yet-fully formed idea centered almost exclusively around the Savannah Gardens […]

  • Keeping Pace

    Teddy Roosevelt once said “Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” and because of your belief in us, we are, indeed, halfway there! We just surpassed the 50% mark for our Kickstarter fund-raising campaign, and that milestone arrived with a tremendously generous splash! We have three more weeks to go, and understanding that we procured […]

  • When We Build, Let Us Think We Build Forever

    By Scott Boylston Happy 2013! We’re starting the new year with a milestone, and a thought about the nature of permanence and the built environment. First the milestone: We are over 25% of the way to meeting our Kickstarter goal! As of earlier today, we surpassed the $2,000 mark, and with 29 days left, things […]

  • Elevating Our Game

    We’re one step closer to harmonizing the reclaimed material streams that we’ve harvested with the form and function of our Design for Ability greenhouse! There is now a detailed template for our ramshackle piles of discarded lumber and stacks of reclaimed, 70-year old window sash to follow. With the combined, expertise of Catie Pizzichemi, and […]

  • Place, Identity, and a Reverence for Transformation

    By Scott Boylston YOU KNOW …if you had already joined our Kickstarter campaign, you’d be done reading this already! (before you read on, join it NOW!) First, thank you to all of our early supporters! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! We are all new to each other, so a good place to […]

  • Now is the time to join the Emergent Structures team: KICK START US!

    We invite you to become a part of the Design for Ability greenhouse project by donating to our newly launched Kickstarter campaign!  Now you can join the likes of IKEA, Hardin Construction and Southern Pine Company by officially contributing to the greenhouse construction! The Design for Ability greenhouse, to be located on E.34 Street, will […]

  • Landfill Harmonic

    Emergent Structures was very happy to see our work featured on a recent post on the website Ethics in Graphic Design.* But we were frankly more excited about finding a trailer for the movie Landfill Harmonic, which tells the story of the children from the slums of Cateura, Paraguay and their “recycled orchestra.” This is beyond […]

  • Aging Gracefully, In Deed!

    By Scott Boylston Two years ago, in one of our very first material harvest events, over 80 people—volunteers, paid apprentices, and employees from TrussMart, NorSouth, Southern Pine Co., and Mercy Housing—convened at the Savannah Gardens redevelopment site to pull nails from reclaimed studs and tongue and groove roof sheathing. That material, and similar material prepared […]

  • Frame by Frame (by frame by frame…)

    Thank you, Emergent Structures volunteers for coming out again, and refurbishing the window sash for the Design for Ability greenhouse! As you can see from the picture above, we’ve really got a great re-assembly line in place.

  • Window Cleaners Unite! (that means you volunteers)

    It’s that time again! Come on out to Savannah Tech this Thursday afternoon, or next…OR BOTH! Join us 5:30-7:30 to help prepare reclaimed window sash for the Design for Ability Greenhouse. They’re looking great so far, and we need your help to finish them up. Email scottb@emergentstructures.com for more info and to sign up!

  • Where Angels Fear to Tread

    By Scott Boylston This window sash is old. It was installed the same year Frank Sinatra was exempted from military service due to a perforated ear drum and the doctor’s diagnosis that he was “neurotic,” and “not acceptable material from a psychiatric standpoint.” That would be 1943, in case you were wondering (although the FBI […]

  • Partners are Jumping on Board HARDIN Fast!

    “We at Hardin Construction are excited about being part of Emergent Structures’ greenhouse project, and continuing our history of giving back to the communities which we live and work within.” —Russ Aldridge, Hardin Construction, LEED AP We are immensely pleased to announce our latest partnership. Hardin Construction, one of the Southeast’s most well-respected construction companies, […]

  • Build + Reclaim, All Before Lunch

    By Meagan Hodge Over the last couple of months, the Design for Ability greenhouse has continued to take form through many small actions. A multitude of volunteers, collaborators, sponsors—and even innocent by-standers who’ve been pulled into action—have brought their own personal stories to our journey.

  • Standard Magazine digs our work!

    The latest issue of the Austin, Texas-based magazine, STANDARD, has published a 2-spread interview with ES president Scott Boylston, on Emergent Structures and the Design for Sustainability program at SCAD. We’re proud to be featured in such a great magazine that’s chock full of great sustainably-oriented design! See for yourself: STANDARD.

  • Call for Volunteers!

    HEY VOLUNTEERS: Come on out to Savannah Tech this Thursday afternoon, from 5:30-7:30 to help prepare reclaimed window sash for the Design for Ability Greenhouse. Email scottb@emergentstructures.com for more info and to sign up!

  • Greening the Greenhouse

    By Scott Boylston The Design for Ability educational greenhouse for special needs high school students is off to a great start with major funding from IKEA’s Port Wentworth Distribution Center. IKEA, which funded Emergent Structures recently completed Shuman Elementary School pergola, has provided $9,000.00 for the construction of the greenhouse project, which is being built […]

  • Walls Can Talk

    By Kate Bordine I recently attended SCAD, and focused my MFA Design Management thesis around the creative entrepreneur as a catalyst for revitalization in a post-industrial city. This topic brought me to conduct field research in Detroit, MI where I began documenting organizational triple bottom line approaches, and the individuals behind this movement. Common perceptions […]

  • Harambee! Jones Keeps on Giving…

    By Meagan Hodge Where there’s a need, we’ll find a way! The local non-profit organization Harambee House: Citizens for Environmental Justice, an organization that’s very close to our hearts, caught wind of our recent deconstruction hauls from Jones Street, and contacted us to discuss some material needs of their own. Harambee is Swahili for ‘let’s […]

  • Open the floodgates, the leak is out!

    by Meagan Hodge So there have been multiple leaks regarding the next big Emergent Structures project over the last month or so. Has everyone been paying attention? It involves reclaimed materials (imagine that), cross-collaboration for the design & build (as always) and sustainable solutions to traditional construction methods (yes, indeed)! All brought together to create […]

  • Something EPIC in Savannah…

    By Meagan Hodge The Design Management program at the Savannah College of Art and Design is host to the 8th annual gathering for the EPIC Conference, and with this year’s theme being RENEWAL, Emergent Structures has jumped on board to participate!

  • Hauling Jones

    By Scott Boylston As Materialanthropists Debra and Chuck Caldwell begin the process of planning their historic home renovation on 223 E. Jones Street, Emergent Structures is clearing the material we’ve been deconstructing and storing at this magnificent home in Savannah’s Historic District. Some of these reclaimed materials have already made their way into various Emergent […]

  • Leak Number Two

    SATURDAY, SEPT. 15 Two 2-hour shifts: 9-11am and 11-1pm 223 E. Jones St. (at Lincoln St.) Emergent Structures and Design for Ability are teaming up to build an educational greenhouse for special-needs high school students. And, of course, we’re building it from materials that have been reclaimed from other buildings. This Saturday, we will collect […]

  • A Leak of Our Own

    What do Michael Phelps and Emergent Structures have in common? HINT: It’s got nothing to do with gold medals, bong hits, or butterfly strokes. Let’s just say that we like to provide sneak peaks, too… And, Oh, Michael, our tubs are reclaimed, and our water is from rain barrels…and you?

  • Installed, and ready for service!

    By Scott Boylston The Savannah Garden rain barrel stands are installed and doing their job! A year ago the studs that now hold up these rain barrels were in the walls of the old buildings on site. Thanks again goes to Charisse Bennett as the Emergent Structures project manager, and Garrison Marr, Director of Sustainability […]

  • Giving the Mongrel its Tags

    By Scott Boylston Keith Howington has long been a proponent of historic preservation, sustainability and innovative reclamation. Even before he became a board member of Emergent Structures (and now Vice President), he worked diligently in the Southeast to promote green building. A member of many organizations that promote sustainability such as U.S. Green Building Council, […]