• SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: Public Art at Savannah Gardens!

    By Scott Boylston | image courtesy of Thomas & Hutton We are immensely pleased to announce the City of Savannah is accepting proposals from qualified artists to design, produce, and install a public art piece in Savannah Gardens that is made, at least in part, of reclaimed materials!

  • The Partnership Garden at the Moses Jackson Advancement Center (EyR8)

    Emergent Structures was created in response to material reclamation opportunities that arose from the Strathmore Estates (now Savannah Gardens) redevelopment effort in Savannah, GA. Examples of the projects that we’ve created, executed or facilitated as the result of this redevelopment sprinkle our blog roll over the last 3 years. As with many stories of innovative […]

  • Raising the Bar in The Sparetime (EyR7)

    By Scott Boylston Savannah is well known for its love of old buildings and chilled cocktails. Thanks to Clara Fishel, proprietor of The Sparetime, we can talk about both of them in one post. Clara, former proprietor of the amazing Cafe Metropole, and a sustainability advocate in her own right, opened The Sparetime several months […]

  • Yes, why not more Shumans!?

    “How can we recreate what’s happened here in every school?” That was the question Dr. Thomas Lockamy, Superintendent of the Savannah Chatham-County Public School System asked at last week’s Shuman Elementary ribbon cutting. And we couldn’t agree more with his sentiment. Robert F. Kennedy once said, “There are those who look at things the way […]

  • Now Open: The Greenest Garden in Town!

    By Scott Boylston / photos by Meagan Hodge Ready, set…grow! With Shuman Elementary School’s new garden already in full bloom, Emergent Structures partnered with Savannah-Chatham Country Public School System, Savannah-Chatham PTA, and IKEA to officially celebrate the completion of the garden. This week’s ribbon cutting was celebrated with great fanfare, thanks to a wide variety […]

  • Gator in the Garden

    By Scott Boylston / photos by Tiffany Lindeborn We love Gator Rivers! Even before SCAD’s Design Ethos DO-ference, and all of the wonderful things that came out of the workshop dedicated to Harambee Farms and the Harambee Globecroppers, Emergent Structures was working with the former Harlem Globetrotter Gator Rivers on public school garden projects like […]

  • Savannah Gardens Rain Barrel Community Workshop!

    By Charisse Bennett On Saturday March 10th, all 19 rain barrel stands were assembled and painted by a wonderful group of volunteers ranging in age from 5 years old to 55+ (just a little guesstimate on my part). With tremendous help from Garrison Marr, Sustainable Development Coordinator for the City of Savannah and other intrepid […]

  • A Peak at the Rain Barrel Stand Process

    By Charisse Bennett You can buy a table, or you can make a table from raw materials. Or you can do something in between, like buy a partially assembled table, and build it at home yourself. There’s often a great deal of satisfaction associated with constructing parts of a table yourself. You’re released from the […]

  • Rain Barrel Stands for Savannah Gardens!

    By Charisse Bennett On March 10th, newly established Savannah Gardens residents will come together for one of their first community events in the new development’s history, and we’re happy to say that it will celebrate the site’s past by incorporating reclaimed materials into a community-based, sustainable design project!

  • The Harvest that Keeps on Giving

    By Scott Boylston In a post from last August on Mercy Housing’s mixed-income redevelopment of Savannah Gardens, we showed you the flooring that was re-purposed from roof sheathing reclaimed from the old buildings on site, and denailed through the efforts of Emergent Structures. Brian Quigley, GC for NorSouth (the lead contractor for this EarthCraft redevelopment […]

  • Considering a Passage of Time

    “…with Time all things are revealed..” —Rabelais By Scott Boylston While talking with columnist Jane Fishman out at the Shuman Elementary School garden, I watched from a distance as my two young daughters squatted in the dirt beside the pergola that Emergent Structures recently finished. They punctuated their somewhat intense focus on the ground in […]

  • Upcycling Downhills? (EyR6)

    By Anne Rast Maybe it’s the immigrant upbringing, my parents struggling to make ends meet during WWII; maybe it’s the years of beach combing in NC, hunting for treasures after a storm, be it lumber for a bonfire or shells for a necklace; maybe it’s the sadness that hits when I see so much litter […]

  • 90% Reclaimed is 100% Complete

    “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  —John Muir By Scott Boylston On December 17th, the last reclaimed board was screwed into place at the Shuman Elementary School Garden! It’s been a long journey, beginning with material […]

  • Gift Garbage

    By Scott Boylston With only a week left before Christmas, isn’t it time to get out of the stores and into the garbage bin? We’ve spent over two years removing materials from all kinds of waste streams, and gifting those materials to different causes and projects, and we can tell you that not only are […]

  • Our Own Backyard (part 3): House Walking

    By Scott Boylston Why’d the house cross the road? a) To find a new home b) Because it’s board c) To get to the other side (of demolition) d) Just wait and see e) leave us your own answer___________________________________ (we’ll send an I Love Bottomfeeding T-shirt to the person who comes up with the wittiest […]

  • Our Own Backyard (part 2)

    By Scott Boylston Wet em wobble, but don’t wet em faww down. If that’s not making sense, envision a mash up of Playskool and Elmer Fudd. Last week we told you about Southern Pine Company’s magnificent transformer-like re-purposing of a condemned brick building into a ‘new’ permeable courtyard and parking area.

  • Our Own Backyard (part 1)

    By Scott Boylston Sometimes we neglect to call attention to things happening in our own backyard, and this is the case over the last few months with Emergent Structures and our board member Ramsey Khalidi. Long before Emergent Structures, Ramsey was reclaiming materials and whole buildings through his company Southern Pine Co., and his intimate […]

  • Spin Cycle (EyR 5)

    By Clinton Edminster Everything spins. Everything is born, dies, and creates the foundation for rebirths. It’s a cycle, the heartbeat of creation. When we accept this universal pattern and begin working with it, life becomes a beautiful story. We begin to notice the playfulness of reality and everything just falls into place. And so it happened with […]

  • Movin’ at Shuman

    By Scott Boylston The completion point for our pergola at the Shuman Elementary School is getting closer and closer! Another fine day of painting and building brought the project to within one or two last days worth of work. For the next week or so, however, Emergent Structures will step out of the way to […]

  • Re:Fest Re:View (part 2)

    By Scott Boylston While our last Re:FEST wrap-up posting provided a great review of the overall event, we wanted to make sure the results of the Design & Build competition were also presented. Luckily, Charisse Bennett, who organized the joint fundraiser as a part of her MFA thesis in Design Management at SCAD, has covered […]

  • Nailed It (EyR4)

    By Scott Boylston Innovative re-use should surprise us. Otherwise, the first word doesn’t really mean much. But the nature of innovation exists upon its own spectrum, with some being just so, and others defining the transcendental. Seonyong Lee is a jewelry maker and metalsmith who recently received an MFA in Metals & Jewelery from SCAD, […]

  • Shuman Rising

    By Scott Boylston Over the last few weekends numerous volunteers, IKEA employees, and 3 stalwart Emergent Structures board members have made great headway in constructing the pergola at Shuman Elementary School. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll remember that back in June, 2010 we put the Shuman project on our strategic chart. At that […]

  • a solid foundation, in deed

    By Roger Bowman As a new member of the Emergent Structure board, my first “real” project came together with my love of ice cream…although it took Director Scott’s post for me to find out how the two were connected. I was one of the several volunteers who answered the ES call to de-mortar 500 bricks […]

  • Re:Fest Re:View (part 1)

    By Sara Jo Johnson ROOF?! ROOF?! Why yes! These folks joined ES at the (ReCENT) reFEST- held in Southern Pine Company’s courtyard… which unto itself is a truly magical place. Granted, its sprawling brick patio is 100% reclaimed- ooooh, the stories that those bricks could tell. And, of course, there’s the small former confectionery building […]


    By Scott Boylston It’s time to celebrate good people. On October 1st, beginning at 2pm, the hotbed of creative diversity in Savannah is hosting Re:Fest [v.1.0].