Our-two part collaborative fundraiser with Humane Society of Savannah was for the dogs…and the cats. The collaboration began with a call for submission for custom built cat or dog structures made from reclaimed materials. Thanks to the over 20 entrants, there was a lot for our judges to consider, and a lot of great animal structures to offer at the live and silent auction that followed several weeks after the entries were due.

On the day of Re:FEST, prizes were awarded for best use of reclaimed materials and most creative entry for both dog houses and cat structures. The auction was held on a beautiful day and evening in conjunction with a sustainable business networking event that saw drum circles, live paintings of more dog houses, one of the original Harlem Globetrotters wowing the crowd, a fire breathing magician, and a line up of local bands that kept the Star Laundry rocking until about 2am!

For more details on the competition results and the other entries can be found on the organizer Charisse Bennett’s website.

Our 2-part collaborative fundraiser with Savannah’s Habitat for Humanity brought out the most creative tinkerers in Savannah, with over 40 submissions. Artists, designers and other creatives were invited to create art or design from discarded materials, and were given the option to shop at Habitat’s Savannah Restore at a discounted rate. Entries ranged from large sculptures to jewelery.

The This Ain’t Trash preview celebration and award ceremony was held at the Restore with food and live music The jury granted awards to 8 winners, whose work was also featured in the display windows of 24e furniture store on Broughton Street between the This Ain’t Trash party and the Trash to Treasure party.

The second half of the fundraiser—the Trash To Treasure party—was a silent auction held at the Star Laundry as a part of a large, sustainable business networking event that brought out 400 people and lasted until the wee hours. All but 6 pieces were auctioned off—thank you to our artists and designers, and thank you to our attendees and supporters!

Official website: www.repurposejunk.com

Our Coverage: here, here, and here.

Thanks to Pimprae Hiranprueck for the photography, and Adrian Perez and Hannah Gilmore for their amazing designwork!