Board of Directors


Scott Boylston

Scott found his way to Savannah from New York City while running an environmentally-friendly surfwear company with the woman who’s now his wife. Scott is co-author and program coordinator for the Masters in Design for Sustainability at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and professor in Design for Sustainability. He’s the author of 3 books, has published over a dozen short stories in acclaimed literary journals, and numerous pieces on design and sustianability in journals such as Core 77, Design Observer, and Communication Arts. Scott spent a decade as an Art Director in New York City, working with clients such as Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and Opium. He speaks internationally on design and sustainability, and holds a masters from Pratt Institute. Scott has served on the board of the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home, and is a past member of the State Board of Directors for the US Green Building Council of Georgia. Scott presently serves on the National Academy of Environmental Design. email Scott


Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark is the Preservation Director with J.T. Turner Construction Co., Inc., and Chair of the USGBC Savannah branch Leadership Group. He’s is the inaugural winner of the Craftsmanship Award from the Historic Savannah Foundation, and as a LEED Accredited Professional, has worked on nationally recognized projects such as the Hamilton Turner Inn, Owens Thomas House Museum, and The Anson and Lazarus-Mohr House which was featured on This Old House.


Roger Bowman

Roger Bowman is the Corporate Sustainability Manager for Gulfstream. In this role, Roger is leading company-wide efforts to develop a sustainability program anchored in the Gulfstream Vision and Values. He is advancing programs to reduce environmental impact and footprint, improve energy efficiency, and set standards that lead to more efficient facilities, products and services. He comes to Savannah from Gulfstream’s Long Beach (California) facility where he was the Environmental Manager. While there, he played a key role in achieving several high-profile environmental permits. He started the recycling program in Long Beach, and began the first “zero discharge to landfill” program in Gulfstream, also for the Long Beach facility. Prior to Gulfstream, he worked at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, Ca. Roger is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


Elaine Adams

Elaine teaches architecture and Urban Design at Savannah College of Art & Design and serves as a national voice for mindful design and environmental accountability – building energy and ecological awareness, exploring new technologies, connecting to global sustainability issues including climate resilience, water scarcity, cultural sustainability, local food, and decentralized economies... while creating beautiful and inspiring buildings, places, and cities. She recently designed and built her own net positive energy home in Bluffton, SC with sustainable features such as a 1,000-gallon rainwater cistern and super-efficient mechanical systems serving as a demonstration project for high performance residential design and construction in the Southeast US.


Denis Blackburne

Denis Blackburne is a senior vice president and the Georgia office manager for The Woda Group, Inc. He led the development and construction of the award winning multi-phased mixed income, mixed use project – Sustainable Fellwood, a green, affordable housing development in Savannah. Denis has a vast and diversified financial expertise. He has worked for both large public and privately owned firms such as Tetra Pak, DuPont and Dow Chemical. Prior to joining Woda in 2010, Denis was the chief financial officer of Melaver, Inc., a national leader in the development of sustainable commercial real estate based in Savannah, Georgia. Denis received his B.S. in business administration from Geneva University in Switzerland and his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is a LEED accredited professional who currently serves on the board of Southface Energy Institute. He was formally on the boards of the United Way in Savannah and the Historic Savannah Foundation. He is also the Honorary Consul for France and Germany in Savannah.


Benjamin Curran

Benjamin R. Curran is the Department Head of STC's Historic Preservation and Restoration Program and the Director of STC's Center for Traditional Craft. Previously, Benjamin worked as a project manager for Peter Post Restoration, a company specializing in the museum quality preservation and restoration of historic properties. Projects included the slate roof restoration at Historic Christ Church, wood shingle roof restoration and temporary plaster repair at George Washington's Mount Vernon, early 18th century brick and stone masonry restoration of the Brafferton at the College of William and Mary, timber frame reconstruction of mid-19th century two-story henhouse/dovescote, stabilization of early 19th century plantation complex outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the full interior restoration of the mid-18th century Old Senate Chamber of the Maryland State Capital. As a co-investigator for research funded by a National Geographic Society/Waitt Foundation grant, he worked as a senior member of the group investigating impacts of climate change and sea level rise and effects of salt water intrusion for coastal heritage sites at the University of New Hampshire Earth System Research Center in Durham, N.H.


David Miller

David Miller is the corporate vice president for Business Development, Marketing and Sales (, and the Vice President of the Government Systems Division for AYA Associates, Inc. ( Mr. Miller earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education with concentration in Physics, Math and Computer Science, and a Master of Science in Education with concentraton is Business Administration from Wright State University and is a strong believer in continuing education. Having an education and engineering background and 40 years of experience, Mr. Miller has had a career of continued successes through innovation, leadership, team building and management. As a customer from a fortune 100 company has recently recalled, Dave demonstrated considerable managerial talent. For the past 8 years Dave has been helping the US Small Business Administration and several small businesses either directly or volunteering as an associate/advisor to help achieve their vision. Mr. Miller is a champion for the SBA’s Ombussman Office for Fairness in Federal Regulations and participates in an advisiory position to several Small Businesses Board of Directors.


Bryan Mossing

Bryan was a carpenter amongst the corn fields of Ohio while studying architecture at Bowling Green State University. He bounced around to a few architecture firms as a lowly architectural intern for 4 years before returning to complete Master of Science in Architecture at NewSchool of Architecture in sunny San Diego where his focus was the study of culturally sensitive building design. He returned to the architectural field for 4 years while teaching as adjunct instructor in Savannah Technical College’s drafting program. He enjoyed that so much that he took a position as Drafting Department Head at Savannah Tech where he continues to focus on a community beneficial, socially responsible, project based curriculum.


Stewart Dohrman

With more than 25 years of experience in construction project management and historic preservation consulting, Stewart has worked on a multitude of projects involving masonry design and inspection, high-rise and institutional building construction, and historic building restoration. As the curator of buildings for the Roundhouse Railroad Museum, Old Fort Jackson, and the Savannah Visitor’s Center, Stewart managed more than $20 million-worth of preservation construction projects, restoring and rehabbing 18 structures that make up the former Central of Georgia Shops Landmark District. While a Peace Corps volunteer, Stewart co-designed block latrines and constructed more than a dozen of the blocks at local schools, designed site plans for a World Heritage Site facility and designed and supervised the construction of museum exhibits there. Stewart holds a master’s in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky. He and his wife, Mary, have two fantastic boys and have lived in Savannah for 19 years.


Denis Lepine

Denis Lepine is partner at Seed Sustainability Consulting Montreal Canada/Albuquerque New Mexico. Denis is responsible for Food and Beverage/Sustainable kitchen research and development with enfaces on Nature Based Modernist Cuisine. Sustainable Nature Based Modernist Cuisine means practicing good stewardship of resources to support the long-term well-being of everyone, not just primary stakeholders. Fairness, integrity, decency and sustainability are the four pillars this model . Sustainable Nature Based Modernist Cuisine is about food and beverage outlets managing the social and environmental impact of there operations. Denis's committing to sustainability means that his projects make a huge difference on issues such as climate change, animal welfare and food waste. Denis has brought to life an innovative tourism, hospitality and food and beverage model that uses the same analytical approach to measure financial success as to measure environmental and community impact. In 2014 Denis shared an AIA distinguished architectural achievement award with architect Kent Beierle for an eco-resort project in Qui Nhon Vietnam. The award celebrated the finest standards in sustainability, innovation and overall integration with the surrounding community. Denis is a graduate of ITHQ Montreal.



Project Managers


Scott Crotzer

Scott Crotzer is a 2018 candidate for an MFA in Design for Sustainability at SCAD, and holds a BFA in Historic Preservation. He has worked around the country as a project manager for restaurants, nightclubs, and event center openings, and has managed movie shoots, corporate events, and fund-raising galas for companies such as Google, Vanity Fair, Disney and Microsoft. Scott has also led the design and construction of everything from adaptively re-used urban spaces to runways for high fashion. In 2017, Scott won a scholarship to speak at the National Trust for Historic Places annual conference on the importance of building material reclamation when preservation is not possible. He’s recently completed detailed drawings of the First African Baptist Church on Franklin square in Savannah, and volunteers at Historic Fort Pulaski, leading tours with the National Park Service. Scott’s work at Emergent Structures has allowed him to expand the research of his thesis topic and be involved with grass roots work to help relieve the effects of urban blight by having real discussion around deconstruction instead of demolition of some of our historic and culturally significant neighborhoods. Deconstruction techniques preserve our precious environment and health, while providing job training and economic growth in Savannah. With his thesis, he aims to add the education of deconstruction to preservation practices, vocational training and citywide policy making.


Brittney Boudwin

Brittney Boudwin is now the Educational Director at the International Living Future Institute. In 2011 she left a career in private jet interior design to find greater purpose as a designer and wound up on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Montana with Red Feather Development Group helping to build a straw-bale home for and with the Spang-Medicine Bull family. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Design for Sustainability at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015. Brittney was a project manager for the Farmer's Cart project for Adam's Farm and Garden, which will be unveiled in the fall of 2017. Thanks Brittney!


Meagan Hodge

Meagan is now Operations Manager at Jelinek Cork Group and Jelinek Creative Spaces. She is program director and founder of Design for Ability, a non-profit organization that provides green-jobs training for special needs students. In 2011, she received her masters degree in Design for Sustainability from Savannah College of Art and Design. Meagan contributed greatly to numerous Emergent Structures' project, including (the E.34 greenhouse, which began as her graduate final project), the Thrive planters, and The Shuman Elementary educational pergola. Thanks Meagan!


Nick Deffley

Nick is now Director of the Office of Environmental Services and Sustainability (OESS) at the City of Savannah. Previously, he managed the University of Minnesota’s first sustainable building program and improved collaboration with minority-owned businesses on sustainable building projects, and focused on enterprise-level strategic sustainability planning. He has a multidisciplinary degree in Environmental Studies, Political Science & Communications and a Masters in Environmental Policy & Organizational Effectiveness. Nick was a Project Manager for the E.34 Greenhouse, and contributor to Emergent Structures' strategic planning. Thanks Nick!


Charisse Bennett

Charisse Bennett is now Project Manager at Focus Lab, and was previously the Program Director for The Creative Coast. An architect by training with four years of professional experience designing high-rise towers and office complexes, she completed a Master of Fine Arts at SCAD, with a dual focus in Design Management and Design for Sustainability. Her contributions to Emergent Structures are many, but most notably, the creation and project management for the Design and Build Competition for Dog Houses + Cat Structures, and the Savannah Gardens rainbarrel stand kit creation + workshop. Thanks Charisse!


Invaluable Contributors


Clark DeLashmet

The main thing about Clark is he’s not a master of anything, but more of a jack of all trades. This is due to the fact that he’s exposed himself to as many different creative outlets as possible, with the constant theme being creation. He loves to create. It all started around the age of 9 working with his father in the woodshop. Since then, this love has pushed him in many directions. His love to create has helped him build furniture and wooden kayaks. In school it pushed Clark to obtain a masters in graphic design, which has fostered a love of the print and digital worlds of design. During the last 11 years, Clark has worked in both of these areas and ended up where he is now, a professor and interactive art director.


Imke Lass

Imke was born, raised and photographically educated in Germany and moved to the US in 1991, on what back then seemed like a whim. After 9 formative years in New york City and a 2 year quest for creative insight and refinement in the Rocky Mountains, she is happy to be back among people and near the ocean in Savannah, GA, which she has called home since 2001. Her assignments have taken her around the globe and up close and personal with people from all walks of life. She works with 2 medium format cameras and a gentle eye, her images convey a sense of intimacy and compassion that make even the most far away places and people feel like home, and most challenging situations feel personal. Imke’s photographs have appeared in publications in the US and worldwide. She is available for documentary and portrait photography here and abroad. The beautiful photography you find throughout this website was shot by Imke Lass. Emergent Structures is tremendously grateful for Imke’s interest in and dedication to our mission.