Savannah Rails Tables

The Creative Coast
is hard at work nurturing Savannah entrepreneurs at their Creator’s Foundry. As a way to support the local entrepreneurial community Emergent Structures handed 11 SCAD Furniture Designstudents discarded glass, discarded wood, and discarded rebar, then asked them to create tables for use at the Creator’s Foundry. IKEA and DIRTT Environmental Solutions, both in pursuit of zero-waste in their Savannah facilities, donated materials to Emergent Structures. Rives E. Worrell, a JE Dunn Company, provided the excess rebar from one of their construction sites, and the students did the rest, with guidance from their professor Aaron Heisler.

Companies and individuals sponsored the creation of each table, and once the tables were completed IKEA and DIRTT hosted an award event and sponsor-recognition luncheon.

There’s still time for individuals or businesses to sponsor a Savannah Rails table for $600. So far, we want to thank our generous supports:

• DIRTT Environmental Solutions • IKEA • Kimberly Till and Grey Katherine Powell • Jacqueline and Ken Sirlin • Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company

Here are the amazing designers: Alexander Bilzerian • James Ervin • James Gonzalez • Andrew Greenbaum • Shawn Horsey • Jasmin Pena • Derek Ball • Christian Dunbar • Levi Gordy • Pooja Pawaskar • Sahil Singh • Hui Sun