East Jones St. Materialanthropists

This historic home in downtown Savannah has hosted volunteers teams from Charlotte, North Carolina to Hanover, New Hampshire, and Fredericksburg, Virginia, not to mention some homegrown volunteer groups as well. Debra and Chuck Caldwell, owners of the 1866 home, opened their doors to Emergent Structures, and we made slow but steady progress in harvesting the thick yellow pine planks from the basement, and the plethora of cedar shiplap throughout the rest of the house. We had two years in that magnificent house, and what an impact the materials have had on the broader Savannah community!

The harvested materials have or will make their way into an extraordinary number of Emergent Structures projects, such as the Design for Ability greenhouse, the Shuman Elementary garden, the Thrive outdoor eating area, and the Humane Society joint fundraiser.

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