Farm Cart

Emergent Structures is designing and building a farm cart that will reduce the amount of time a Forstyh Farmer’s Market farmer needs to load and unload his/her produce in preparation for the Saturday morning farmer’s market. This project continues our collaborative mentorship initiative between students at SCAD and Savannah Tech that we started with the 2014 Greenbriar garden shed project. With this project, SCAD Design management students conducted deep contextual research with local farmers in order to gather insights. Those insights were shared with a Savannah Tech drafting class that created designs and schematics. After a round of feedback, the selected designs have been given to Savannah Tech interns over the summer of 2015 to build the farm cart. Finally, a SCAD design for sustainability graduate student is performing in the project management role.

This project is made possible by a gracious community grant from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.