Play Up Savannah and the Moment Jars

When we enter into a building to reclaim materials, we’re always conscious of the role such durable materials have played in the ephemeral lives of those who lived there, and so it was somewhat poetic to share materials from the Jones Street House with an event that celebrated the public sharing of special moments in a life.

The organization Play Up Savannah, created by SCAD Design Management alums Deepti Kundra, Briana Lang and Leslie Marticke, created a memorable, and highly interactive event at the Creative Coast which was by inspired by Mark Fried’s book The Moment Jars. Play Up Savannah gathered the materials, helped mark them with our Reclaimed stamp, built the installation, then returned the materials so that we could give them yet another life.

We didn’t do too much here—simply let a great organization with a great idea borrow some reclaimed materials—but we are proud to have been able to play a small part. From Play Up Savannah:

“… together we’ll create a communal legacy rich with stories, personal reflection, culture and eccentricity. Come play your part in making this fun and moving art installation — a physical and visible collection of our memorable Savannah moments. This city is a special place, share the day she won your heart!”