• WestBroad Structures

    Growing Edge Community Garden Shade House

    Emergent Structures designed and built a shade house as a partner in the Growing Edge Community Collaboration for Green Groceries, a 15-agency partnership dedicated to establishing a healthy food resource center at the West Broad Street, YMCA.

  • Foundry Design

    Savannah Rails Tables

    As a way to support the local entrepreneurial community Emergent Structures handed 11 SCAD furniture design students discarded glass, wood, and rebar, then challenged them to create office tables for use at the Creator’s Foundry, Savannah’s entrepreneurial hub, run by the Creative Coast.

  • E34 Structures

    E.34 Greenhouse

    Emergent Structures has led a collaborative effort to build an educational greenhouse to serve special needs high school students. The greenhouse is the agricultural training center for Design for Ability, a non-profit organization dedicated to green jobs training for teenagers in Savannah.

  • ThisAintJunk Events and Fundraising

    This Ain’t Junk Competition + Trash to Treasure Auction

    This two-part fundraiser with Savannah’s Habitat for Humanity brought out the most creative tinkerers in Savannah. The This Ain’t Trash ceremony featured food, live music and awards. The Trash to Treasure party included a silent auction, a sustainable business networking event, and an all-day festival.

  • HumaneSociety Events and Fundraising

    Design Competition for Dog Houses and Cat Structures

    This two-part fundraiser with Humane Society of Savannah was for the dogs…and cats. Competition entrants used reclaimed materials to build their designs, which were auctioned off during an all-day, family friendly event.

  • memoryJars Events and Fundraising

    Play Up Savannah and the Moment Jars

    The organization Play Up Savannah, created a highly interactive event at the Creative Coast inspired by Mark Fried’s book The Moment Jars. Emergent Structures supplied reclaimed materials for the shelving of the interactive installation.

  • GirlScouts Savannah Gardens

    Deconstruction for the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia

    Emergent Structures partnered with the Girls Scouts of Historic Georgia in a multi-unit deconstruction at Savannah Gardens. Sixty two trusses, and 650 tongue-and-groove boards, and several pallets of brick were reclaimed. The Girls Scouts used these materials for their camp grounds around the state.

  • StudsToTrusses Savannah Gardens

    Studs to Trusses

    As a part of the Savannah Gardens re-development project, 900 heart pine studs were reclaimed from buildings built in 1943, and incorporated into ceiling trusses that were then installed in the new housing development on site.

  • SchoolBoards Savannah Gardens

    We Love School Boards

    A denailing event with snow (in Savannah)! With over 50 volunteers and a dozen paid apprentices, Emergent Structures denailed over 800 tongue and groove panels and over 900 studs from Savannah Gardens. The materials were re-purposed on the same site for Mercy Housing, and a few other projects.

  • JonesStreet Events and Fundraising

    East Jones St. Materialanthropists

    Debra and Chuck Caldwell, owners of an 1866 house, opened their doors to Emergent Structures, and we used the historic home as a learning lab and a vital source of construction materials for the Savannah community, creating over 30 projects with their materials. The Caldwells are our flagship materialanthropists!

  • Thrive Design

    Thrive Outdoor Eating Area

    When Thrive Carry Out Cafe, Savannah's only certified green restaurant, set up shop in a small stripmall, Emergent Structures helped plant a green flag in the middle of this dilapidated symbol of car-centric America by supplying guidance, manpower and 98% of the materials for an outdoor eating area outside the front door of the restaurant.

  • Greenbriar Structures

    Greenbriar Children’s Center Garden Shed

    Emergent Structures built a garden shed for the Greenbriar Children’s Center to supplement their newly installed community garden! This project was our first exploration into providing mentorships to a collaborative effort between students at SCAD and Savannah Technical College.

  • Shuman Structures

    Shuman Elementary Educational Garden

    Emergent Structures identified three material streams, coordinated the reclamation and preparation of the materials, and led the design/build of an outdoor learning area for Shuman Elementary School, which prompted the superintendent of schools to ask ““How can we recreate what’s happened here in every school?”

  • SavannahGardens2 Savannah Gardens

    Savannah Gardens

    Emergent Structures collaborated with Thomas & Hutton, and NorSouth Construction in instituting innovative material reclamation and re-use strategies during the redevelopment of Savannah Gardens. Strategies include on-site re-use, community harvest events, community workshops, off-site construction, and more.

  • FarmCart Design

    Farm Cart

    Emergent Structures is designing and building a farm cart that will reduce the amount of time a Forstyh Farmer’s Market farmer needs to load and unload his produce for the Saturday morning farmer’s market. This project continues our mentorship initiative with students at SCAD and Savannah Tech..