Sponsor Opportunities

Title Sponsor

Innovative, sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly important for construction-based companies to be associated with, and Emergent Structures provides meaningful ways for your to show your dedication to this exciting. We are young, and energetic, and we invite one pioneering company to be our annual title sponsors. This is an annual sponsorship that provides optimal visibility for sponsors through all of our public events, our promotional materials, and our website.

Project Sponsors

We’ve found that the unique aspects of our projects make for very memorable and newsworthy results. Projects are selected through a comprehensive exploration of opportunities and community needs. We are grateful to IKEA for their project sponsorship for the Shuman Elementary School Edible Garden.

For more information about Title or Project sponsorship, please emailscottb@emergentstructures.com to learn more.

Event Sponsors

Our events range from denailing days that bring out 70 or more volunteers to material harvest days that generally are no larger than 20 people.We like to provide live music and a some good food during our larger events. Sponsorship money goes to logistical support, which can vary depending on the nature of the specific event. We print T-shirts with sponsors logos on them to give away to our volunteers, and we have a great history with our ability to publicize these events.

Event Sponsorships can be in-kind (food, equipment, staff, etc.) or monetary. Sponsorships can also come by way of donating basic deconstruction equipment. We welcome corporate participation in all harvesting events, and sponsorship value includes a visible presence on all materials and press releases.

Of course, we also provide acknowledgment on our very active blog, as well as direct links to your website.

Please email scottb@emergentstructures.com to find out about
the upcoming sponsorship opportunities.

Contact us for more information about upcoming opportunities for Title, Project, or Event sponsorship