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    This is What We Mean: Our New Video on Building Material Re-Use

    Way back in 2009, we were invited to share our ideas with the team leading the redevelopment of what was then called Strathmore Estates. As our background page explains, this was a downtrodden neighborhood on Savannah’s East side comprised of WW2 era housing. And our organization was born through the innovative projects we co-developed on […]

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  • img_1600adjustsm

    One Board, One Brick, and One Brushstroke at a Time

    Transformation is always possible. It takes a vision. It takes a plan. It takes a community. It takes a commitment to moving one brick at a time; a commitment to painting one brush stroke at a time. The E.34 Greenhouse, which has been a labor of love since 2013, is complete, and along with completing […]

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  • esaward

    Most Innovative in the Nation!

    Emergent Structures is proud to announce that we’ve been awarded a 2016 Sustainable Building Award for “The Most Innovative Building Material Re-Use Organization in the U.S.A.” by Build News, a construction and property development magazine in the United Kingdom. Emergent Structures has been recognized for our innovative material re-purposing initiatives, and our unique storytelling approach […]

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  • TheWallSmall

    Clearing Space for a Mural at E.34!

    Emergent Structures is proud to announce that we’re leading the collaborative creation of a mural adjacent to the E. 34 greenhouse! The low-lying cinder-block building that the mural will be painted on is on the same property as the greenhouse itself. We’ve partnered with The Dream Campaign to locate three neighborhood artists—Caylin, Cameron, and Jeffrey—who […]

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  • bobCatatEnd

    Site is Cleared for the Emergence of E.34!

    We had a big day on the site of the E.34 greenhouse this past Saturday! Ninety nine degree temperatures could keep our team of 18 volunteers from clearing the site of debris and two mountains of materials. The amazing Joe Marchese of Marchese Construction brought an incredible amount of energy and resources, and thank you […]

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  • good_anglesmall

    AIA Georgia Finalist!

    We’re excited to announce that the West Broad Street YMCA shade house is a finalist for the AIA Georgia Award in the Design +Innovation, Built Projects category! The full credit goes to our design partners at Greenline Architecture, especially the designer of record Eric O’Neill, and past Emergent VP Keith Howington who was the project […]

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  • FarmCart_BuildDay_01-23-2016

    Snow Day Building

    By Brittney Boudwin “Is this really what’s happening outside?” I asked out loud to no one last Saturday morning after spotting a snowflake icon for the current weather condition on my phone. “Our first build day of the year is a snow day?!” I questioned as I put on a second pair of socks. Again, […]

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  • TwoCarrots

    The Adam in Adams’ Farm

    By Sara Johnson As interest continues to buzz around Emergent Structures’ farm cart project, an intrigue in the recipient, Farmer Adam, seems to build. (Back story: I led a SCAD design management team on the farm cart’s research phase. Our paper focusing on the project was accepted at the 2015 International Food Design Conference). Though […]

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  • designfindBuild2

    DESIGN/FIND/BUILD: A New Motto for Creative Makers

    By Bryan Mossing The typical order of events on a new construction/fabrication project is as follows; Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings, Material Purchase, Construction/Fabrication. The key here is that there is an established, typically uniform bill of materials that can be purchased at any moment from a variety of suppliers. Well doesn’t that sound […]

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  • Metalstuds2small2

    Trash Stalking

    By Bryan Mossing With a refined design for Adam’s farm cart, we next hunted—nay, stalked—useable construction waste like a Black Friday shopper going for the limited edition something er’ other. Savannah Tech interns Bill Holden and Nathan Streety—the Dynamic Duo—transformed into part-time pickers. After scouring Craigslist for a used trailer to model our prototype upon, the […]

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