Innovative Waste Stream Management as Capacity BuildingĀ and Wealth Creation Strategy

Planning for C+D waste management in traditional large scale redevelopment projects too often begins too late in the overall process, and is reactive rather than strategic. An attitude of resignation is all too common; and things slip downhill from there.

As a remedy with cascading benefits, innovative strategies can be identified up front, and partnerships can be postulated early. And rather than self-interested parties in control of planning these strategies, an objective and deeply knowledgeable consulting body can guide the process of identifying high value propositions for partnership building, strategic planning, data collection, community relations and strategic promotional opportunities.

Emergent Structures has piloted such a holistic process, and we have created a process that can transform traditional C+D waste management into an innovative strategic process that benefits everyone. By benefits, we mean measurable benefits, and by everyone, we mean everyone.

The above graphic illustrates 18 different innovative strategies that we have prototyped. Contact us not only to learn more about each one of them, but about your city can strategically pick the most appropriate strategies to increase diversion, reclamation and community wealth.

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